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new talents – biennale cologne is the trendsetting platform for artistic and creative young professionals from the fields of arts, film, design, composition and choreography. Every two years, the biennale presents more than 50 selected graduates from the regional arts academies plus national and international guests.

In 2016 we celebrate our 5th edition with 16 days full of exhibitions, performances, screenings and talks in the cultural quarter Agrippa in Cologne.   

new talents no. 5: May 21st - June 5th, 2016

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5 categories, 16 days, 60 talents and 11,000 visitors

Fourth edition of Cologne arts biennial new talents with record attendance

new talents – biennale cologne is the future platform for artistic and creative job seekers from the areas of arts, film, music, design and dance. From May 10 to 25, 2014, about 60 university graduates from the region and national and international guests were presented – in exhibitions, concerts, dance performances and movie screenings, amongst others.

Wether arts parcours, dance performace, movie evening or design presentation: more than 10,000 visitors came to see the fourth edition of new talents – biennale cologne, which took place in May 2014 in the t.a.t new talents – temporary art tower and in various other locations in the  Agrippa quarter around the Neumarkt in Cologne.

The visibility of the festival was especially favoured by the layout and architectual framework. The DEG - Deutsche Investitions- und Entwicklungsgesellschaft mbH was new talents' biggest patron this year. Originating from its promoting self-image, the company allocated a recently acquired property to the festival for free, an office complex in direct proximity to the company headquarters. 

The premises of t.a.t new talents – temporary art tower not only served as the festival's main office, but was also made available to bands, single artists and dance ensembles by the festival management for temporary cultural use well in advance of the biennale.

The media arts parcours in both underground car parks of the t.a.t.-building proved to be the audience highlight. Located here also were the two interactive installations of Jasper Diekamp, the recipient of the new talents-audience award. The award was granted together with the RheinSilber-award, which was awarded for the first time, as the crowning finale of the biennale. The KunstSalon foundation awarded a choreography-sponsorship award under the patronage of Royston Maldoom doted endowed with 10,000 Euro to choreograph Ronja Nadler.

The KunstSalon-choreography-award, which was awarded for the first time this year, offers budding choreographers not only financial support but also a professional framework for creating a new dance production.

A catalogue for new talents – biennale cologne 2014 was published by publishing house DIE NEUE SACHLICHKEIT – this year in one volume with over 250 pages. The catalogue documents the work of all presented participants and is a representative document and at the same time an important reference for the artists.   

Opening ceremony: Saturday May 10, 2014, 5 pm

Atrium of DEG – Deutsche Investitions- und Entwicklungsgesellschaft mbH, Kämmergasse 22, 50676 Köln

new talents – biennale cologne is the festival for graduates from the categories art, film, music, design and dance. In its fourth edition, new talents presents about 60 selected participants and their work over the course of two weeks in exhibitions, concerts, presentations, film screenings and performances. At the t.a.t new talents houses and other venues in the Agrippa quarter, an exhibition parcours is brought to life that enables visitors to discover the works of 25 artists all in all. The participants of the categories film, music, design and dance will present their work and projects in various individual performances.

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