From The Single Position to the Sustainability Parcours

Certainly techniques are secondary, and yet their bandwidth and their innovative approach are unmissable also in this year’s new talents arts parcour. Naturally the classical categories are once again defining: painting, sculpture, photography and video. But happily enough, lithography is experiencing a revival, as is graphic printing. The two artists representing these positions have, each in her own way, discovered new possibilities for these more traditional forms of expression and further developed them in surprising ways.  

A media art parcours in an underground garage combines works that have the act of observing in common, between observation and documentation. Other works range from image manipulation to the generation of new works. In another place, video work stands for itself, is at times narrative and combines different localities and constellations.    

The positions focusing on painting encompass a spectrum from subtle color studies via selfportraits up to personal and amazingly historical depiction. Installations, partly devised for short-term impermanence but also site-specific ones, are contrasted with autonomous sculptural positions. The additional theme of several sculptural works additionally are colour- and exterior-surface habits of viewing in a glaring contrast of taste. One participating artist presents himself with three others, in an equal-rights collective. Fortunately and for the first time this year there are two performances related to the city district or marking individual positions.    

Jochen Heufelder & Anne Mager
Curators new talents Art  

Opening hours arts parcours:

Tue–Fri 15:00–20:00
Sat 14:00–20:00
Sun 14:00–18:00
Mon closed

Fri, 16. May – Long day of new talents