For many, participating in a community dance project may seem like a roller coaster ride on the outset, in that the experience is unbearably thrilling; but when the ride’s over, the participants feel exhilarated. And in some cases, participants may contribute a new idea to a dance project that enables them to walk paths unknown. In any case, all participants find themselves sharing a totally new experience with each other; and regardless of whether the experience is positive or negative, one thing’s for certain: it’ll be a once in a lifetime event.

This year’s new talents – biennale cologne is seeking to afford those living in close proximity to the event site the opportunity to have such an experience and see for themselves how a new art form, dance, is being incorporated into the biennale. In the community dance project of this year’s biennale, six professional choreographers and up to 60 residents of Cologne (whose experience levels range from total dance novices to seasoned dance performers) jointly created six dance pieces that will be presented to biennale attendees as an open-air dance event. 

Mia Sophia Bilitza
Curator new talents Dance