What this is about.

A great composer of our time was asked recently why in our time, when everything artistically is possible and everyone can compose whatever he wants, composition is still taught at universities. The response: 'Because very few can do exactly that – composing what they want.'

Each composer, each artist has to reflect individual creation again and again. The constant development of one's sound- and tone-language, the sharpening of concepts and visions, the path from idea to work, here and in all other disciplines this is what counts.

Ten composer have lead their visions and artistic concepts from first idea to finished work for new talents – biennale cologne. Each in his own way. The compositions mirror completely different approaches and focal points of artistic creation. It is no longer about following one school or dogma. In a time when everyone can compose whatever he or she wants, it is more about finding oneself and to oneself, to recognise one's own voice in the polyphonic reality.

To be open for this indivual expression as a listener – this is also what it is about.   

Daniel Mennicken
Director ON – Neue Musik Köln e.V.
Coordination new talents music programme

Participating ensembles:
Ensemble Garage
MAM. manufaktur für aktuelle musik